Bykart PARM

Product Description

Bykart PARM is an advanced Patient Appointment and Room Manager system. Patient’s appointments can be scheduled within the system or drawn from an existing scheduling system. Clients are then allocated an appropriate treatment room and have appropriate clinical staff assigned as well.

Modules it is directly connected to:

Features & Benefits

The system stores Electronic Records of all appointments for a given period of time as well as resources used. The data collected is used to maximize clinic utilization.

  • Patient wait times are reduced.
  • Patients are seen by the correct physician in an appropriate treatment room

Appointment and Room Roster

  • Staff can create patient, clinician and room rosters to see upcoming activity for a given range of time
  • View all appointment details
  • View all patient appointments for a given date range
  • Determine patient appointment status and patient location
  • List clinicians by room
  • List patients by room

Patient Tracking

  • Provides communication to staff that a patient has arrived, lets them know when a patient has checked out and allows them to create notes regarding the patient.
  • Clinicians are alerted patient has arrived reducing wait time
  • Room assignment can be done immediately upon patient arrival

Extensive pre-built reports

  • Collected data can be ideal for management and government reporting
  • Providing historical analytics for continual process improvement
  • Giving team leaders the knowledge to make real-time workflow and staffing adjustments
  • Accurately track and report on patient appointments
  • Ability to accurately assess process bottlenecks
  • Collect metrics on all aspect of clinic activity
  • Printable patient appointment work lists
  • Facilitates emergency appointment management
  • Data can be exported to excel for further data analysis

PARM is HL7 compliant and can connect through JDBC to other database driven applications

  • This allows for easy integration with other hospital /clinic systems such as appointment and patient registration system
  • PARM can pull data from disparate systems such as EHR into pre-defined forms to provide interoperability and an integrated view of a variety of operational data
  • This can extend the functionality of existing applications without replacing them