The Bykart CHARM Product Suite
The Bykart CHARM Software Suite
Bykart has developed a suite of software solutions that allows health care providers to improve patient care and enhance internal business processes and communications. Each product can be implemented independently or rolled out as a part of an integrated solution.
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Bykart Kiosk: Patient Self Check In
Bykart Kiosk allows patients to check themselves in when arriving for clinic appointments. Patients check themselves in using RFID enabled kiosks located
in the clinic waiting area.

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Bykart PASS: Patient Appointment Status Screen
The Bykart Patient Status Screen is set up in the clinic waiting room. Upon patient check in, the system connects to the clinic’s scheduling software and displays the patient’s status in the treatment process.
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Bykart PARM: Patient Appointment Status Screen
Bykart PARM is an advanced Patient Appointment and Room Manager system. Patient's appointments can be scheduled within the system or drawn from an existing scheduling system.
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Bykart Chemotherapy Scheduler
Bykart Chemotherapy Scheduler has transformed the complex challenge of booking chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients into a simple 4 step process
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Bykart Scheduler optimizes a clinic's capacity to treat more patients with existing resources. It allows booking clerks to schedule patients faster and more efficiently.
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