Bykart Scheduler

Product Description

Bykart Scheduler optimizes a clinic’s capacity to treat more patients with existing resources.  It allows booking clerks to schedule patients faster and more efficiently.  It provides for better communication between departments.

Features & Benefits

Automated scheduling of appointments

  • Reduced wait times for 1st appointment
  • Reduced in clinic wait times for all subsequent appointments
  • More patients booked
  • Faster booking process
  • Greater accuracy

Google Maps built into the system

  • Patients are scheduled according to how far they have to travel to help avoid long drives at rush hour

Ability to track where patient received treatment

  • Improved patient safety. In case a patient is sick can track who was in the same treatment area before and after the appointment
  • ARO/Infectious control

Balances workload between mornings and afternoons

  • Eliminates unplanned overtime for nurses

Ability to track where patient received treatment

  • Improved workplace safety

Email notification of appointments and appointment status to Clinicians and Administrators

  • Eliminate appointment scheduling errors
  • No missed treatments

Powerful search capabilities for accurate and flexible control of patient information

  • Identify patients quickly and accurately by searching on any one or more patient identifiers (first or last name, DOB, Internal Hospital ID#, gender, etc.)
  • Eliminate patient misidentification by identifying all potential matches allowing unit clerk to accurately identify each patient
  • Track all appointments from within the centre
  • Track patient activity
  • Track all important patient information such as address and contact information, insurance numbers next of kin etc.
  • Important patient information conveniently located saves time

Fast and accurate patient identification

  • Identifies all potential matches allowing staff to accurately identify each patient
  • Manage patients more effectively with less effort, freeing staff resources to provide better care

Intelligent rule-based automated appointment scheduling

  • Generate a set of patient appointments automatically based on the prescribed protocol
  • Prevent long duration treatments from being scheduled past end of office hours
  • Evenly distribute appointments throughout the day to better manage staff time
  • Reduce staff time spent on scheduling
  • Ability to add pre-set additional time to a treatment, based on patient acuity
  • Treatment time is based on acuity settings (new patient, frail etc.)

Email notification between clinicians

  • All appointments are approved before treatment date eliminating downtime waiting for approvals

Clinic Operations Manager

  • Allows you to control the maximum number of appointments
  • Allows you to control patient load
  • Easy clinic setup and restriction management

User-defined limits for maximum number of appointments

  • Eliminate over-booking of available resources and reduce stress on staff
  • Ensure treatments are not missed
  • Avoid double booking of a treatment for the same date

Resets to the start screen after person checks in or walks away in mid process

  • High level of privacy protection for patient.

The kiosk is interfaced directly with your hospital registration system or electronic database

  • The kiosk is interfaced directly with your hospital registration system or electronic database  

Patient Merge Mechanism

  • Simplifies patient information consolidation

Extensive pre-built reports

  • Providing historical analytics for continual process improvement
  • Giving team leaders the knowledge to make real-time workflow and staffing adjustments
  • Accurately track and report on patient appointments
  • Ability to accurately assess process bottlenecks
  • Collect metrics on all aspect of clinic activity
  • Printable patient appointment work lists
  • Facilitates emergency appointment management
  • Data can be exported to excel for further data analysis

The Bykart Kiosk module is HL7 compliant and can connect through JDBC to other data driven applications.

  • This allows the Bykart Kiosk module to easily integrate with other hospital /clinic systems

Patient Appointment Work List

  • Centralized location for treatment approvals
  • Can see all of their patients and their appointments in one location
  • Ability to search for detailed information regarding a patients history
  • Allows transfer of responsibility for patients to replacement clinicians
  • Can see colleagues patients to cover during absences