About Bykart

Our Mission
Our mission is to help health care providers improve patient care, reduce costs and create more rewarding work environments. We do this by providing software solutions that improve the patient experience and give administrators the tools required to address business and process challenges.

About Bykart

Bykart Software Ltd. provides process improvement and automation software that helps Hospitals and Cancer Centres improve their overall operations.

Organizations that use our products find greatly improved efficiency in areas such as organizational communications, staff usage and resource utilization.  This results in improved patient care and satisfaction through shorter wait times to get treatment and shorter wait times on the day of treatment.

Hospitals also are able to increase patient throughput meaning more people are treated with the same amount of resources.

Hospitals see large cost savings with less time spent by staff manually dealing with tasks that are not core to their job and through reduced wastage of resources such as drugs that have to be thrown out because they do not get used and idle beds due to inefficient scheduling. In addition staff is able to focus more on their core duties and unplanned overtime is greatly reduced.

The Bykart CHARM Suite of products now includes five separate and interconnected products.  These products can be implemented on their own or as part of an integrated solution depending on your requirements.  All of our products are HL7 compliant and can connect to databases through ODBC.